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Bloom & Albion Houseplants

Epipremnum aureum

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Also known as: Devils Ivy, Golden Pothos, Ivy Arum, Ceylon Creeper

Origin: South East Asia

Difficulty: Easy to care for.

Toxicity: Toxic if ingested so keep away from young children and pets.


Plants are living things and therefore aren't perfect, they get knocked, tangled up with themselves, don't grow perfectly straight and even, tear their leaves, develop some browning etc. Unlike other plant retailers we don't pick out our best plants for photos, we don't clean them, polish their leaves or anything else, we grab one and shoot it as we want you to see the type of plant you're going to get, flaws and all.

➕ All plants purify the air but some are known to be better than others. We’ve put together a collection of the plants considered to be better at air purifying here.

➕ A comprehensive care guide accompanies every plant but some information to help you decide whether this plant is right for your home is provided below.

➕ We don’t include prices on anything within our parcels, so all items can be gifted. See our instructions below before ordering if you would like to gift a plant with a personal message.

Big or Small Size Matters


Nursery Pot Diameter: 12cm

Decorative Pot: This plant fits 15cm+ pots

Perfect Conditions for Healthy Foliage


Light: This plant likes most light conditions but it can cope with low light, providing the room isn't windowless.

Humidity: This plant is happy with most humidity levels but If it gets really dry and warm we recommend giving it a light spray mist.

Temperature: Between 10 and 24°c

Detailed information about watering, feeding, grooming, repotting and troubleshooting is provided on our care cards to help you keep each plant healthy. We provide this information on cards rather than on website so you can have it on hand (we don’t subscribe to the marketers trick of encouraging you back on to our site to view the care guide in the hope you might buy something else). If you lose your care cards we’ll happily send you another as we want every plant we sell to have a happy healthy life.

Our Recommendation


Ideal Rooms: Kitchens and Bathrooms

We appreciate with a wide range of plants to select from, each having there own needs, it can be difficult to decide which plant is right for you.

You should pick plants that suit the space, height and light within each room.

Temperature and humidity are other factors to consider but you have more control over these as you can increase humidity with a humidifier or by misting your plants; and by position your plant near to a radiator when the temperature drops.

This plant works particularly well in a humid room like a bathroom or kitchen if the light levels are right for it.

Treat Someone Special

Everything we stock could make a brilliant gift especially our plants that are perfect for every occasion and are a treat that will keep giving.

We don’t include any invoices or receipts with prices on with our deliveries.

If you would like us to include a small message from you in your package, no problem. All you need to do is check the gifting box on our cart page and add your gift message before completing your purchase.


Gifting Plants

Every plant comes with a care card so even a complete novice can learn how to look after them. 

Please make sure before ordering that someone will be home to collect it on the expected delivery day. Alternatively you could opt for the plant to be sent to you and then you hand deliver it out of the box when you’re ready. 

Next Day Delivery, Environmentally Offset

Plants and larger value orders are posted via a next day signed for, delivery service through DPD with insurance; however when your parcel will arrive depends on when you order.

We send plants out in the mail on Wednesdays only via. next day delivery so it will arrive with you on Thursday. 

Find out more about deliveries here.

Our climate impact matters to us so we offset our delivery carbon through a respected offsetting scheme which is currently contributing to the Jarí Para Forest Conservation Project in the Amazon Rainforest. You can read more about this project here.

Sustainable Packaging

We take a lot of pride in how we package our items so your items arrive safely and if they don't we will replace your items. See here for more information about our returns and refunds.

We’re proud to be ahead of many others in sustainable packaging. 🤞🏼they follow suit. We use lots of different methods of packaging depending on the item. Find out more here.

Our Support

We provide free support to all of our customers. So whether you’re a plant customer wanting some advice or a bath and skincare customer wanting to know what products are best for your skin; we’re here for you.

Quality Assured

All of the products we have on offer are made and grown by people who care about the quality they offer and are quality assured by us before we post them.

Great Value

We price check all of our products against similar businesses to ensure we’re providing you with great value and on top of that, our loyal customers get access to generous discounts.

Epipremnum aureum

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