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The Bloom & Albion Makers Space

Our new space in Chester City Centre is planned to open January 2022.

The space will be larger and feature even more equipment, enabling a wider variety of artists and makers to use it, including ceramicists.

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Your Craft & Art Form

Although we have equipment for certain art forms, we welcome makers and artists of all kinds.

Our space is flexible so providing you can bring and set up what you need and take it away once you’ve finished we can accommodate you. We also provide opportunities for artist to store some items if they regularly attend.

We’re creating a space to inspire creativity and encourages collaboration between artists and makers; and provides opportunities for artists and makers to try something new.


We encourage potential members to book a visit to see our makers space and discuss how we can accommodate you. Click the link below to arrange your booking.

Find out how to become a member here.

Once you have become a member you can book access through our website.

Letterpress Printing

Our collecting of Letterpress equipment is how our makers space first began; and we have amassed an amazing collection of type, ornaments and cabinetry.

Materials & Tools

We have all the tools and materials any letterpress printer should need including all type setting equipment, paper and card perfect for letterpress printing.


We have all kinds of presses but the ones available for booking are our large Albion, large Gem Proofing Press, Stephenson Blake Proofing Press and 6x Adana 8x5s.

Wood & Metal Type

We have a huge collection wood type which is available for members use after training and a large collection of rare metal type that is available for use by experience Letterpress printers, alongside our metal type which again is available for members use after training.


Our Letterpress equipment is available for use by members who have undertaken workshops at our makers space or are established printers.

Some further training may be required from us depending on experience and what you would like to use; which we discuss on a one to one basis. If you‘d like to know more feel free to contact us.

Other Forms of Printing

We are hoping to be able to host other form of printing in the future through the introduction of an etching press but for now we are only able to accommodate Relief and Mono Printing as these can be done on the Albion.

We have linocut tools available for use by members.

If you’re a printer who would like to use our makers space and do something other than Relief or Mono Printing we’d love to hear from you as we’re trying to build up an appreciation of demand.


Our Makers Space has everything you need to learn or enhance your skills in either hand building or throwing. With 25 years of experience of teaching in college and community settings the set up provided has been created from this knowledge.

Materials & Tools

We have a selection of quality clays, individually selected to help you achieve the best results whether hand building or throwing. A range of wooden and metal hand building and throwing tools are available for you to use. The glazes we have available for you are from a palate tried and tested set of recipes.

Potters Wheel

We’re the proud custodians of a Ratcliffe wheel, renowned within the industry as one of the best wheels as it suits both beginners and experienced potters.

We currently only have the one wheel available for booking but if there is demand we will be acquiring more.

Our Potters Wheel is available for use by members who have undertaken a workshop at our makers space or are established potters.

Some further training may be required from us depending on experience and what you would like to use; which we discuss on a one to one basis.

If you‘d like to know more, find out when our next potters workshop will be held or would like to be individually trained on the wheel feel free to contact us.


We have an electric top loading kiln which is efficient when firing even to stoneware temperatures.

Other equipment and tools

We have other tools and materials available for other crafts we teach such as calligraphy, bookbinding, paper arts and box making.

We can discuss the use of these with you if you’re interested, when you visit us.

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