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Our Environmental Policy


We are advocates of being transparent as acknowledgement of areas for improvement is the first step to change. That's why we make this policy publicly available and are willing to talk about our performance so far.



We recognise no matter how small, the impacts our activities have on the environment. To reduce our impact we are consistently considering ways we can conserve energy and minimise waste.

We take responsibility of our impact seriously so consider it in everything we do, from our use of materials, methods of delivery through to our energy consumption at our premises. 



We internally promote awareness of our environmental policy and impact and are proud that our team share the companies passion to be a responsible business.

We raise the awareness of our customers through our website, marketing literature and through inclusion of information in our packaging.



It is our policy to work with our team and suppliers to ensure that all waste is disposed of in line with legal and environmental requirements.

To reduce waste created by our activities we use materials that are fully recyclable, or compostable, or biodegradable or are twice used and can be recirculated.

We do not use single use plastics and avoid products which use single use plastic.



It is our policy to utilise, and promote the use of, recycled materials whenever possible and we encourage the recirculation of packaging materials. More information about our packaging can be found here.



We manage our electricity and water to minimise our consumption and avoid the use of gas whenever possible.

It is our policy to make efficient use of natural light within our building and to conserve energy by adopting an ‘only turn on when using’ approach to equipment.



We are committed to ensuring the continual improvement and the prevention of pollution and will remain committed to this objective.



We are committed to compliance with applicable legal and with other requirements to which Bloom & Albion subscribes that relate to our impact on the environment and our environmental aspects. 

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